Black Sabbath Vol. 4 (1972)

  • 1

    Wheels of Confusion/The Straightener

    Long ago I wandered thru my mind
    In the land of fairy tales and stories
    Lost in happiness I knew no fears
    Innocence and love was all I knew
    It was an illusion

    Soon the days were passing into years
    Happiness just didnít come so easy
    Life was more than fairy tales and daydreams
    Innocence was just another word
    It was an illusion

    Lost in the wheels of confusion
    Running thru valleys of tears
    Eyes full of angry delusion
    Hiding in everyday fears

    So I found that life is just a game
    But you know thereís never been a winner
    Try your hardest, youíll still be a loser
    The world will still be turning when youíre gone
    Yeah, when youíre gone!

  • 2

    Tomorrow's Dream

    Well, Iím leaving tomorrow at daybreak
    Catch the fastest train that I find
    Yes Iím leaving the sorrow and heartache
    Before it takes me away from my mind

    Send me love and I may let you see me
    Send me hopes I can fit in my head
    But if you really want me to answer
    I can only let you know when Iím dead

    When sadness fills my days
    Itís time to turn away
    And let tomorrowís dreams
    Become reality to me

    So realize Iím much better without you
    Youíre not the one and only thing in my heart
    Iíll just go back to pretending Iím living
    So this time Iím gonna have the star part

  • 3


    I feel unhappy
    I feel so sad
    Iíve lost the best friend
    That I ever had

    She was my woman
    I love her so
    But itís too late now
    Iíve let her go

    Iím going through changes (Repeat)

    We shared the years
    We shared each day
    In love together
    We found a way

    But soon the world
    Had its evil way
    My heart was blinded
    Love went astray

    Iím going through changes (Repeat)

    It took so long To realize
    And I can still hear
    Her last goodbyes

    Now all my days
    Are filled with tears
    Wish I could go back
    And change these years

    Iím going through changes (Repeat)

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    FX (instrumental)

    Lyrics are not available
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    I want to reach out
    And touch the sky
    I want to touch the sun
    But I donít need to fly
    Iím gonna climb up
    Every mountain of the moon
    And find the dish that ran
    Away with the spoon

    Iíve crossed the oceans, turned every bend
    I found the plastic and the gold at rainbowís end
    Iíve seen thru magic and through lifeís reality
    Iíve lived a thousand years, and never found the key

    Got no religion
    Donít need no friends
    Got all I want
    And I donít need to pretend

    Donít try to reach me
    íCause Iíll tear up your mind
    Iíve seen the future
    And Iíve left it behind

  • 6


    What you get and what you see
    Things that donít come easily
    Feeling happy in my pain
    Icicles within my brain

    Something blowing in my head
    Winds of ice that soon will spread
    Down to freeze my very soul
    Makes me happy, makes me cold

    My eyes are blind, but I can see
    The snowflakes glisten on the tree
    The sun no longer sets me free
    I feel the snowflakes freezing me

    Let the winter sunshine on
    Let me feel the frost of dawn
    Build my dreams on flakes of snow
    Soon Iíll feel the chilling glow

    Donít you think I know what Iím doing
    Donít tell me that itís doing me wrong
    Youíre the one thatís really the loser
    This is where I feel I belong

    Kiss the world with winter flowers
    Turn my days to frozen hours
    Lying snowblind in the sun
    Will my ice age ever come

  • 7


    Too much near the truth they say
    Keep it till another day
    Let them have their little game
    Delusion helps to keep them sane

    Let them have their little toys
    Matchbox cars and mortgaged joys
    Exciting in their plastic ways
    Frozen food in a concrete maze

    Youíre gonna go insane
    Iím trying to save your brain

    All right

    I donít know whatís happening
    My headís all torn inside
    People say Iím heavy
    They donít know what I hide

    Take a life, itís going cheap
    Kill someone, no one will weep
    Freedomís yours, just pay your dues
    We just want your soul to use

    Youíre gonna go insane
    Iím trying to save your brain

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    Laguna Sunrise (instrumental)

    Lyrics are not available
  • 9

    St. Vitus Dance

    So you think you know
    Whatís going on inside her head
    You think she wants your money
    But itís you she wants instead

    When you think about the things
    That she did long ago
    It breaks your heart but deep down
    Boy, you donít want her to go

    You feel your nerves are shattering
    You feel you want to die
    Just because the one mistake
    Of telling you a lie

    If I were you Iíd try again
    And try to make amends
    She only thinks of you, you know
    Iím talking as a friend

  • 10

    Under the Sun/Every Day Comes and Goes

    Well, I donít want no Jesus freak to tell me
    what itís all about
    No black magician telling me to cast my soul out
    Donít believe in violence, I donít even believe in peace
    Iíve opened the door now my mind has been released

    Well, I donít want no preacher
    Telling me about the god in the sky
    No, I donít want no one to tell me
    Where Iím gonna go when I die
    I want to live my life , I donít want people
    telling me what to do
    I just believe in myself ícause no one else is true

    Every day just comes and goes
    Life is one long overdose
    People try to rule the nation
    I just see through their frustration

    People hiding their real face
    Keep on running their rat race
    Behind each flower grows a weed
    In their world of make-believe

    So believe what I tell you, itís the only
    youíll find in the end
    Just believe in yourselfóyou know you
    really shouldnít have to pretend
    Donít let those empty people try to
    interfere with your mind
    Just live your life and leave them all behind